Major Fabricating Event




Thursday, June 16, 2016

Start Time

12:00 AM EDT


Wednesday, June 15 from 9 AM to 5 PM and morning of auction to start of auction.


Small items: Friday, June 17 by 5 PM
Remaining items: Thursday, June 30 by 5 PM





Surplus to the ongoing needs of
INSPECTION ADDRESS: 475 Kenora Ave, Hamilton, ON, L8E 5A9
Heavy Fabricating Assets to Include: Late model CNC water jet, MESSER CNC plasma cutting table, (10) large capacity PANGBORN, WHEELABRATOR & IBT shot blast systems (thru type, rotary, tumble blast), VERSA LIFT 40/60 forklift, TAYLOR 25,000 LB forklift, PACIFIC 300-20 hydraulic press brake, HYD-MECH horizontal saw, power bending rolls, assortment of large & small dust collectors, (5) forklifts & boom lifts, scissor lifts, late model vehicles, ironworkers, welding equipment, general machining equipment, floor sweepers, air compressors, equipment trailers, lifting equipment, metal parts bins, portable aluminum ramps, vacuum plate lifters, large assortment of general plant support equipment, office furniture & MORE!



INSPECTION ADDRESS: 20 Myler Street, Hamilton, ON, L8L 0B9
Heavy Fabricating Assets to Include: ACCURSHEAR (2014) 625016, 16’ x ¼” hydraulic shear; HACO (2003) TS3006, 10’ x ¼” hydraulic shear; ALLSTEEL 160 ton x 20’ hydraulic press brake with 173” between the housings; ALLSTEEL 20 ton x 4.5” hydraulic press brake; ASSORTED larger and smaller capacity press brakes and shears; (2) STRIPPIT SUPER 30/40 punches; (2) notchers; HYD-MECH S20 II horizontal bandsaw; (5) assorted saws; (25+) assorted welders; EDWARDS JAWS IV 55 ton ironworker; SCOTCHMAN 90 ton ironworker; MITSUBISHI 3000 LB forklift; (3) SKYJACK scissor lifts; ALSO FEATURING A HUGE OFFERING OF heavy and light duty electrical cable, electrical testing equipment, power tools consisting of sawsalls, VIDMAR cabinets, circular saws, drills, grinders, welding supplies & wire, welding curtains, workbenches, sawhorses, rolling carts, pallet racking, shelving units, rolling tool cabinets, dumping hoppers, ladders, hardware, electrical fittings, lifting supplies & MUCH MORE!


  • ADS/WHEELABRATOR (2009) 18 CU TB  tumblast with 30 HP blast wheel, rubber mill belt, HD manganese barrel head plates, LH & RH manganese seal assemblies, manganese one-piece door assembly, elevator assembly w/ multi-ply belt and cast steel buckets, lower screw auger feeding elevator, 40” CFS separator assembly & upper screw and rotary screen, service platform and access ladder, fines & trash pipes, exhaust plenum, blast gates for each ventilation pick-up point, operator control panel, rebuilt bucket loader assembly & shaker take away conveyor  (MACHINE IS REBUILT) (Location 1)
  • IBT 6 cubic foot rubber belt tumblast machine with 15 HP 3600 RPM direct drive  blast wheel,650 pound load capacity, new multi-ply rubber mill belt, extra support rolls, adjustable take-ups for tensioning of the mill conveyor, bi-directional design for clockwise and counter clock wise rotation, 2 ½” wide cast premium alloy blade sets mounted to a double sided bare wheel, pneumatically operated abrasive control valve, feed hose assembly and abrasive slide/shut off gate for maintenance, mild steel blast cabinet and feed hopper, trash screen and access door, hd steel roof plate, barrel head plates and barrel head seals, one piece pneumatic loading door with pneumatic operated locking pins, lower screw auger slave driven off of elevator boot pulley, HD elevator assembly with multi-ply elevator belt assembly, cast steel buckets, and 1 ½ HP direct drive gear motor, 20” single lip air wash style separator,  fines chute and dribble valve, upper screw auger and rotary screen, interlocked abrasive control with the door locks, Integral 5 HP cartridge dust collector, after/secondary filter to exhaust the air back into the plant. interlocking loading door limit switch preventing the blast wheel from starting, wheel motor will not start unless work door is closed, pneumatic door lock.  (RECONDITIONED BY IBT) (Location 1)
  • PANGBORN (rebuilt 2007) 8LK table blast machine with (2) 30 HP 180 – 2RK belt driven blast wheels, heavy steel work table w/ manganese table top sections & 7/8” drain holes, lower table sweep design to protect lower section of the blast chamber, overhead crane loading cabinet design, foundry duty door assembly and heavy duty cast hinge assemblies, manganese steel liners with cast cap nuts in line with blast streams, rubber lined blast cabinet and door assembly, HD elevator assembly c/w multi-ply belt and cast steel buckets, separator assembly c/w upper screw, and scalping drum, HD fines and trash pipes/tubing, abrasive storage hopper. (2) feed pipe assemblies c/w pneumatically operated abrasive control valve, exhaust plenum, OMRON safety door interlock switch is mounted on work doors, superstructure and service platform c/w hand railing and caged access ladder, dust collector (Location 1)
  • IBT  2 SDD double door spin blast machine with 27 ½” high x 20” dia cleaning envelope, 10 ” oscillating travel, (2) 10 HP 3600 RPM, direct drive(8) bladed blast wheels, 2 ½” wide cast premium alloy blade sets mounted to a single sided bare wheel, cast premium alloy control cage and impeller, manganese wheel housing c/w full manganese liner package, 3/8” manganese steel blast chamber, cast chromemoly  (5/8”) liners in line with the blast wheels, (2) heavy duty work door assemblies with labyrinth door to cabinet seals, work doors rubber lined for added protection, (2) blast cabinet mounted automatic wheel closure plate assemblies, ventilation exhaust plenum with adjust blast gate, 2) pneumatic abrasive control valves with slide gates and feed hose assembly, elevator mounted automatic abrasive adder (Location 1)
  • WHEELABRATOR wheel skew roll machine with 26” diameter, 40 HP, 1800 RPM, direct driven, WHEELABRATOR EZFIT blast wheel w/ (8) 3 ½” blades, cast manganese wheel housing w/ cast end and top liners, continuous weld heavy manganese blast cabinet, cast chromemoly fully cast blast chamber with liners on walls and roof, cast horse collar around the blast wheel opening, HD abrasive box above the lower auger, in-line with the blast to protect the lower auger, mild steel entrance and exit vestibule and vestibule gum rubber seals, heavy duty, 12” long cast skew rolls on 10” centers throughout with a common line shaft, sheaves and belts for each skew roll assembly, variable speed drive for the skew roll conveyor, longitudinal screw conveyor, HD, 7” x 21” elevator assembly,  cast steel buckets, multi-ply elevator belt, 18” CFS gravity separator assembly with abrasive hopper (Location 1)
  • BCP (8) wheel 36” wire mesh belt machine with 36” W  x 24” H cleaning envelope, (4) 15 HP blast wheels above the mesh belt in a post blast configuration, (4) 20 HP blast wheels below the mesh belt blasting up through the belt assembly, 36” woven manganese mesh belt w/ 1000º cap, continuous weld heavy manganese blast cabinet, mild steel entrance vestibule and vestibule seals, cast chromemoly liners-in line and cabinet manganese plate liners, complete reclaim system consisting of, longitudinal conveyor, HD elevator assembly, upper screw conveyor, rotary screen separator, automatic abrasive adder (Location 1)
  • IBS spinner hanger blast machine with (2) 30 HP blast wheels, 3/8” thick manganese steel blast cabinet, manganese steel automatic work doors, cast chromemoly liners-in line in the blast cabinet, manganese steel floor hopper, ventilation exhaust plenum, multi-ply elevator belt, cast steel elevator buckets, abrasive recycling system blast cabinet lower abrasive auger conveyors, monorail track, trolley hangers, structural steel beam framework w/supports both over the blast chamber, blast spinner mechanism w/ / sprocket work hangers which pull the complete hanger and work piece into the cabinet, separator with screw & rotary screen abrasive storage hopper (Location 1)
  • EMPIRE blast peen system with free standing blast enclosure designed for pitless installation on a flat finished floor, fully welded, six (6) mm thick mild steel heavy structural framed enclosure, 64” heavy-duty main table, four (4) individual work stations,(2) for Loading/Unloading parts, (2) for blasting peening, (6) 8 mm long life blast nozzles, (2) axis nozzle reciprocator, horizontal & vertical carriage travel, abrasive storage hopper, media adder, blow off station maintenance platform (Location 1)
  • BCP (4) wheel structural roll conveyor shot blast machine with 24” wide x 36” high (Single Pass) cleaning envelope, (4) direct drive, 25 HP blast wheels (post blast design) manganese blast cabinet and wheel pods, cast “liners in line” & cast cabinet rolls inside the blast chamber, (3) sets of urethane finger seals, three in entrance and exit vestibules. 40’ of entrance conveyor and 40’ of exit conveyor with full length exit spill hopper, 24” roll spacing, 400 lb. abrasive adder, upper service platform & ladder (Location 1)


  • MESSER (2003) TITAN 8 CNC shape cutting machine with MG HYPERTHERM NAVIGATOR CNC control, 20’ X 10’ table, 32’ rail, (2) plasma cutting heads, HYPERTHERM HT 4400 plasma power source, HYPERTHERM HD 3070 high definition plasma power source s/n TITAN8/4LP-03-4211 (Location 1)


  • CHARMILLES (1995) ROBOFIL 510 CNC wire type electrical discharge machine with FANUC CNC control, travels X- 27.5”, Y- 15.75”, Z- 15.75”, 47.2" x 27.55" x 15.75" max work piece dimensions, 2200 lbs max work piece weight, automatic threading, dialectric filter system, ADVANTAGE chiller, s/n: 570016 (Location 2)


  • FLOW/DYNOVATION (2000) FLYING BRIDGE waterjet cutting system with LYNX CNC control, 6’ X 12’ cutting table, 78” X 157” X 7.88” work envelope, FLOW ZXC-55 intensifier s/n 200-5977  (Location 1)


  • SUMITOMO (1998) SH 160-C horizontal injection molding machine with 175 ton cap., 22.1” x 20.1” between tie bars, 36.6” max daylight, 7.8” min. daylight, 10.5 oz. shot, 50mm screw, 40hp s/n M0CL0017


  • PACIFIC K300-20 hydraulic press brake with 20’  X 3/16” -300 ton cap,  20' bed and ram (including 24” horn on RH side), 16' 5" between housings, 18" approx stroke, tilt adjustment,  foot and palm station  s/n 2788  (Location 1)
  • ALL STEEL 160 16 hydraulic press brake with 20’ overall bending length (including 24” horns on both sides) , 14 ½ ‘ between housings, 160 ton bending capacity, AUTOGAUGE CNC 99 programmable back gauge, light curtains s/n 1607 (Location 2)
  • PACIFIC hydraulic press brake with 18’ overall bending length, 14 ½’ between housings, s/n n/a (Location 2)
  • ALLSTEEL 20-4 hydraulic press brake with 54” overall bending length, 38” in between housings, 20 ton capacity s/n: 2883 (Location 2)


  • ACCURSHEAR (2014) 625016 hydraulic shear with 16’ X ¼” cap, ACCURSHEAR programmable back gauge, ACCURSHEAR digital control, gap adjustment, light curtains, 10’ squaring arm s/n 6465 (Location 2)
  • HACO (2003) TS3006 hydraulic shear with 10' x 1/4" cap, HACO SP 8 programmable back gauge, gap adjustment s/n 67125 (Location 2)
  • DI ACRO HYDRASHEAR hydraulic shear with 10’ X 10 ga cap, front operated power back gauge, gap adjustment s/n 101473698 (Location 2)


  • GRENEN/BRANCH 8’ X ¼ “ double initial pinch hydraulic plate bending roll with 8’ long rolls, 6.3” dia top roll, air drop end, angle rolling s/n 0980251(Location 1)
  • SCOTCHMAN 9012 hydraulic  ironworker with 90 ton cap, 1 1/16” X 1” punching capacity, 6” X 6”  ¼” angle cutting capacity s/n 20401M1288 (Location 2)
  • EDWARDS JAWS IV hydraulic ironworker with 55 ton cap, 1 1/16” X  5/8” punching capacity, 4”   X 4”  ¼” angle cutting capacity, s/n 32355502 (Location 2)
  • IRONCRAFTER 50 ton hydraulic ironworker with 4” X 4” X 3/8” angle cutting cap, 1 ¼ “ max punching cap, 8” X ¾ “ max shearing cap s/n n/a  (Location 1)
  • STRIPPIT SUPER 30/40 40 ton fabricator with 35" throat, 48" x 72" table, punch gauging system, extra heads s/n 16112876 (Location 2)
  • STRIPPIT SUPER 30 30 ton fabricator with 35" throat, 48" x 72" table, s/n 676000 (Location 2)
  • CUSTOM MFG double end punch/notch machine with (2) UNITOOL hydraulic heads, 9’-13 working lengths s/n n/a (Location 2)
  • AMADA CS220 23 ton hydraulic corner notcher with 7/8" ram stroke, max material 1/4", mild steel material thickness, 8­ 5/8 " x 8 ­5/8 "max notch s/n 545026(Location 2)
  • STRIPPIT punch & die grinder s/n 72150 000


  • HYDMECH S20 SERIES horizontal band saw with 13” X 18” cutting cap, mitering s/n 603009564 (Location 2)
  • BAXTER 260 16" x 10” horizontal band saw with coolant  s/n 3117 (Location 2)
  • W.F WELLS L-9 9" x 16" horizontal band saw s/n 845548 (Location 2)
  • GROB 4V-18 vertical band saw with 18” throat, 24”x 28” table, 13” max work height, coolant, blade welder/grinder, s/n: 2043 (Location 2)
  • CANSAW 16” MIT steel cut off saw s/n 6-3703 (Location 2)


  • STANKO 1M63 17” X 112” engine lathe with 3 1/8” bore, speeds to 1250 RPM, threading, coolant  s/n 27416 (Location 1)
  • TAKONG YK430XL 17” X 60” engine lathe with 2 ¼ ” bore, speeds to 1800 RPM, threading, coolant  s/n n/a (Location 1)
  • TOS FA4AH horizontal milling machine with 63” X 13” table, speeds to 1400 RPM, vertical milling head, MITUTOYO DRO s/n 40756 (Location 1)
  • NANTONG XT6325A vertical milling machine with, 9” X 42” table, speeds to 4800 RPM, FAGOR DRO s/n 15178 (Location 1)
  • HAUSER M5 vertical jig boring machine with 24”x29” table, speeds to 2000 RPM,        HEIDENHAIN 2 axis DRO, s/n: 24 (Location 2)
  • BRIDGEPORT vertical mill with 9” x 42” table speeds to 2720 RPM, LYMAN MK7 power table s/n J-219229 (Location 2)


  • VERSA LIFT 40 60 LPG indoor forklift with 60,000 lbs. cap @ 24” extended, 40,000 lbs. capacity @ 24” retracted, 96” forks, power lifting boom w/ 10’ reach & 26’ lift s/n 02361 (Location 1)
  • GENIE Z45/25J indoor/outdoor articulated boom lift with 4 wheel drive, 500 lbs platform cap, 50’ platform lift s/n n/a  (Location 1)
  • SKYJACK 3220 aerial platform lift with 26” X 82” platform, 500 lbs max platform cap, 25.9’ max platform lift (Location 1)
  • TCM (2013) FO70-2 13050 lbs diesel forklift with 189” vertical lift, cab enclosure, pneumatic tires, approx 100 hrs. s/n n/a (Location 2)
  • CLARKE GCS-25 4500 lbs LPG forklift with 188” vertical lift, cushion tires s/n G1334B 11 41 6920 (Location 2)
  • MITSUBISHI F0-15 3000 lbs LPG forklift with 230” vertical lift, cushion tires s/n F 2-54313 (Location 2)
  • (2) SKYJACK SJ006.5-10 aerial platform lift with 500 lbs max load, 24’ vertical lift s/n 0GQ, 0HE (Location 2)
  • SKYJACK SJ005.8-10 aerial platform lift with 800 lbs max load, 19’ vertical lift s/n 0XA (Location 2)
  • MAYVILLE 240 aerial platform lift s/n 2544181(Location 2)
  • LIFT-RITE LT 132 pallet stacker s/n 5232 (Location 2)


  • EMPIRE DCM-200HV dust collector s/n C23580 (Location 1)
  • BLAST IT ALL 6048-9DC dust collector s/n 961114432 (Location 1)
  • AERCOLOGY FDV 6000 5HP dust collector s/n 48368 (Location 1)
  • MICROAIR dust collector (Location 1)
  • WHEELABRATOR dust collector (Location 1)
  • RODRIGUE METAL dust collector (Location 1)


  • (2) MFG UNKNOWN 28’ 5 ton single girder under slung bridge crane (Location 1)
  • MFG UNKNOWN 28’ 1 ½ ton single girder under slung bridge crane (Location 1)


  • MILLER SYNCROWAVE 250 DX TIG welder with cables & gun (Location 1)
  • MILLER DELTA FAB MIG welder with wire feed cables & gun (Location 1)
  • MILLER DELTAWELD 652 MIG welder with wire feed cables & gun (Location 1)
  • (2) MILLER MILLERMATIC 252 MIG welders with wire feed cables & gun (Location 1)
  • MILLER MILLERMATIC 250 MIG welder with wire feed cables & gun (Location 1)
  • ACCO stick welder withfeed cables & gun (Location 1)
  • ICS FRED fume extractor (Location 1)
  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC SQUARE WAVE TIG-355 tig welder with cables and gun (Location 2)
  • (3) HOBART RC500 mig welders with MILLER 22A wire feeders, cables and guns (Location 2)
  • (2) HOBART MEGAFLEX 450 RV mig welders with MILLER 22A wire feeders, cables and gun (Location 2)
  • MILLER CP302 mig welder with MILLER 60 SERIES wire feeder, cables and gun (Location 2)
  • MILLER SHOPMASTER 300 ac/dc mig welder with MILLER S-21E wire feed, cables and gun (Location 2)
  • PRO LINE ZV-451 mig welder with MILLER 22A wire feeder, cables and gun (Location 2)
  • (3) LINCOLN IDEAL ARC RBR500 arc welder with cables and gun (Location 2)
  • LINCOLN IDEAL ARC 250 arc welder with cables and gun (Location 2)
  • (2) TRW 4000 stud welders with cables and guns (Location 2)


  • ANVER BAE1 4500 lbs vacuum lift (Location 1)
  • MFG UNKNOWN  11’ X 10’ X 7.5’ H blast cabinet (Location 1)
  • (2) EMPIRE portable shot blast pots (Location 1)
  • LITTELL 4000 lbs X 18” mandrel type uncoiler s/n 80397-73 (Location 2)
  • TRADEMASTER TMDP148 bench type drill press (Location 2)
  • BUFFALO 18” floor type drill press (Location 2)
  • EMPIRE EFR-2536 sand blasting cabinet with media recovery  s/n C-15822 (Location 2)
  • FORD SMITH 10” heavy duty pedestal grinder (Location 2)
  • GLOBAL FINISHING SOLUTIONS (2012 UNUSED) 20' wide x 12' height open face spray booth with exhaust chamber, 48" dia. 30,000 CFM, 7.5 HP tube axial fan, spray gun air flow interlock (Location 1)
  • ENVIROTRONICS SH27 Environmental Chamber
  • KAESER (2011) AIRCENTER SM 10 screw type air compressor with 10HP, 125 PSI, 42CFM capacity, s/n 1002


Terms & Conditions

Corporate Assets Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions on this Web site. Corporate Assets Inc. expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction as it may deem appropriate. All subject to prior sale.


A Buyer's Premium of 16% for all onsite bidders and 18% for all Webcast (Remote) bidders will apply at this sale.
Pre-Approval by Corporate Assets Inc. will be required to participate in the sale. Potential Bidders must register and be approved (in person for Onsite auctions or online for Live Webcast auctions). Bidders may be asked to complete the "Buyer Deposit Form" and provide a deposit equal to 25% of their requested Purchasing Limit (the maximum amount they plan to spend) plus the Buyer's Premium (see above for applicable Buyer's Premium) and must be made by Interac e-transfers or Direct Bank Wire Transfer1.
To ensure approval as a Bidder, please contact us to make arrangements as far in advance of the sale as possible. The deposit must be received no later than 1 business day prior to the commencement of the sale2. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.


  1. Please keep in mind that bank charges may apply to incoming and/or outgoing wire transfers by your/our bank/financial institution.
  2. To meet the Terms and Conditions of Sale, please keep in mind that wire transfers traditionally take between 2 - 4 business days to be processed by your bank. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

Invoices for the balance of the purchase price will be emailed and/or faxed to successful bidders within 24 hours of the close of the auction and are due upon receipt.

Payment in full must be made before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction.
For International (Non-Canadian and Non-U.S. Residents) Buyers all payments and deposits shall ONLY be made by wire transfer.
For Canadian and U.S. Buyers, all payments can be made by wire transfer, certified cheque, bank draft, Interac Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Interac e-transfers, or company cheque accompanied with a valid bank letter of authorization guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Corporate Assets Inc. in the following format: "Name of Bank hereby guarantees irrevocable payment of cheques payable to Corporate Assets Inc. up to Amount in Words & Currency for purchases made by our client Name of Client. This letter is valid for purchases made at the auction of Name of Auction being held in City, State/Province on Date."



  • Payment by way of Visa, Mastercard will ONLY be accepted for purchases, and not for deposits, from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $2,500.
  • Payment by way of Interac e-Transfers will ONLY be accepted for purchases from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $25,000.
  • Payments may be made in advance of the auction by way of wire transfer and any balance in excess of the balance owing will be refunded after the auction.



The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if a deposit is not received at or before the time of sale.

Removal Details

Applicable for all Purchasers, their employees, riggers, machinery movers, contractors, and agents who participate in the disconnection and/or removal of items purchased at auction.


Purchasers are responsible for removing all articles purchased unless an Exclusive Rigger* has been designated for the sale. “CI” on the purchaser’s invoice designates that a proper certificate of insurance is required before any item marked “CI” can be mechanically removed. Furthermore, properly authorized rigger release instructions, in writing, are required by Corporate Assets Inc.’s office before a Purchaser/Mover/Rigger can commence removal of these items. These forms can be downloaded below.




*For sales with Exclusive Riggers, removal fees will apply. Please refer to the posted Lot Catalogue for pricing. Fees do not include container loading, blocking/bracing, specialty packaging, shipping, or other services. Trucking and transport services may be available through a third-party supplier. Contact for details. The Buyer's Premium does not apply to posted rigging fees.