Crown – St. Laurent

Custom Machining & Fabricating Facility


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Start Time

10:30 AM EDT


Tuesday, April 21, 2015 from 8:00 A.M. to start of auction.


Small items: Wednesday, April 22 by 5:00 P.M.
Remaining items: Tuesday, April 28 by 5:00 P.M.




CUSTOM MACHINING & FABRICATING FACILITY FEATURING: CERUTI ABC 75 3" table type horizontal boring mill; GRAZIANO TORTONA SAG 20, 26 X 82 engine lathe; GRAZIANO TORTONA SAG 14, 20 X 60 engine lathe; MONARCH 20CM, 27.5 X 72 engine lathe; STANDARD MODERN 1760, 23 X 63 engine lathe; DOALL (2005) C-916 horizontal band saw; DOALL METALMASTER ML vertical band saw; TACCHELLA 715UA universal cylindrical grinder; JONES & SHIPMAN 1302 universal cylindrical grinder; GALLMYER & LIVINGSTON NO. 55 hydraulic surface grinder; DOALL hydraulic surface grinder; (2) HARIG SUPER 618 manual surface grinders; MILWAUKEE NO. 3 universal milling machine; HAYES TRACEMASTER TM43D automatic hydraulic copy mill; PROMECAM RG-25-12 25 TON hydraulic press brake; GOTENEDS MGE-1-4 5' X 12GA hydraulic shear; DOALL DG-24 floor type gear head drill; ROGERS S60-13-2 60 TON h-frame hydraulic shop press; SUNNEN MBB1650 precision honing machine; RIDGID portable threading machine; MILLER SYNCROWAVE 350 TIG welder; MILLER SPECTRUM 2050 portable plasma cutter; large selection of (30+) Lista tool cabinets, fire proof cabinets, inspection equipment, spare parts, surplus metal and machine tooling including end mills, taps, drills and MUCH MORE!


  • MONARCH 20CM engine lathe with 27.5” swing, 72” between centers, 2 ½” spindle bore, speeds to 400 RPM, inch threading, steady rests, MITUTOYO PL-325L 2 axis DRO, s/n: 28174
  • STANDARD MODERN 1760 engine lathe with 23” swing, 63” between centers, speeds to 1600 RPM, inch threading, 10” 3 jaw chuck, coolant, steady rests, MITUTOYO KL-12 2 axis DRO, s/n: 797701
  • GRAZIANO TORTONA SAG 14 engine lathe with 20” swing, 60” between centers, 2” spindle bore, speeds to 1500 RPM, inch/metric threading, 7 ½” 3 jaw chuck, coolant, HEIDENHAIN 2 axis DRO, s/n: n/a
  • GRAZIANO TORTONA SAG 20 engine lathe with 26” swing, 82” between centers, speeds to 1300 RPM, inch/metric threading, 16” 4 jaw chuck, coolant, steady rests, s/n: n/a


  • CERUTI ABC 75 table type horizontal boring mill with 3” spindle, 39” column travel, 53” longitudinal travel, 39”x31” table, 38” table travel, coolant, s/n: n/a


  • DOALL (2005) C-916 horizontal band saw with 22”x11” cutting capacity, 1”x158” blade, coolant, s/n: 529-051443
  • DOALL METALMASTER ML vertical band saw with 17” throat, 24”x24” table, 10” maximum work height, coolant, DBW-15 P1 blade welder/grinder, s/n: 401072


  • TACCHELLA 715UA universal cylindrical grinder with 14” swing over table, 16” diameter grinding wheel, 10” diameter magnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • JONES & SHIPMAN 1302 universal cylindrical grinder with 48”x10 ½” table, 9 ½” magnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: BO.77265
  • GALLMYER & LIVINGSTON NO. 55 hydraulic surface grinder with 29 ½”x10” magnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • DOALL hydraulic surface grinder with 17”x6” magnetic chuck, wheel dresser, coolant, FAGOR NV10 single axis DRO, s/n: n/a
  • HARIG SUPER 618 hydraulic surface grinder with 6”x18” magnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • HARIG SUPER 618 hydraulic surface grinder with 5 ½”x12” magnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: n/a


  • MILWAUKEE NO. 3 universal milling machine with 64”x13 ½” table, speeds to 1000 RPM, Mitutoyo GML-3705T 3 axis DRO, s/n: n/a
  • HAYES TRACEMASTER TM43D automatic hydraulic copy mill with 32”x12” table, speeds to 3000 RPM, Hayes automatic hydraulic tracing head, s/n: 592


  • PROMECAM RG-25-12 hydraulic press brake with 25 ton capacity, 3.9” stroke, 47” bending length, s/n: 02-925-12-133
  • GOTENEDS MGE-1-4 hydraulic shear with 57” maximum cutting length, front supports, iron sheet max 12 SWG, s/n: n/a
  • DOALL DG-24 floor type gear head drill, speeds to 3360 RPM, 6 ½” depth, s/n: 53-8602
  • DILTECH KTF-25 floor type drill press with ¾” chuck, TECHO-WESTINGHOUSE FLUXMASTER 500 adjustable speed drive, s/n: 61755
  • ROGERS S60-13-2 h-frame hydraulic shop press with 60 ton capacity, 13” ram travel, s/n: S60-1448
  • ELECTRO ARC 2S metal disintegrator, s/n: 7655
  • SUNNEN MBB1650 precision honing machine, s/n: 11078
  • RIDGID portable threading machine
  • MILLER SYNCROWAVE 350 TIG welder with cables, gun, Miller Radiator-1 cooling system, s/n: n/a
  • MILLER DIALARC 250 AC/DC stick welder with cables, gun, s/n: n/a
  • MILLER SPECTRUM 2050 portable plasma cutter s/n: n/a


  • CLARK C500-S100 LPG forklift with 10,000lb. capacity, 115” vertical lift, side shift, indoor tires, s/n: 685-0071-6390FA
  • NISSAN KCUGH02F35FV LPG forklift with 7,000lb. capacity, approx. 164” vertical lift, outdoor tires, s/n: KCUGH02F901753
  • CATERPILLAR TC60SA LPG forklift with 6,000lb. capacity, 188” vertical lift, indoor tires, fork rotator attachment, s/n: 2LC01427
  • CLARK NST40 electric forklift with 4,000lb. capacity, 130” vertical lift, s/n: NST 245-0509 PM-6240
  • YALE M30RGS071 ride-on electric lift truck with 3,000lb. capacity, 130” vertical lift, s/n: s157824


(30+) LISTA tool cabinets up to 16 drawer; large quantity of wire parts bins; huge assortment of perishable tooling consisting of CARBIDE INSERTS, REAMERS, DRILLS, TAPS & DIES, END MILLS; (10+) 6”-4” bench vises; (8) double end pedestal and bench type grinders; sizeable quantity of RIDGID pipe threading tools; machine tools and accessories including 50 TAPER TOOL HOLDERS, DRILL CHUCKS, FACE MILLS, SPRING COLLETS, MACHINE VISES, ROTARY TABLES, INDEXING HEADS; strapping caddies; barrel dollies; rolling shop ladders; steel cabinets; office furniture and a considerable amount of inspection equipment comprised of outside micrometers, inside micrometers, granite surface plates, digital scales, height gauges, hardness testers and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


Terms & Conditions

Corporate Assets Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions on this Web site. Corporate Assets Inc. expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction as it may deem appropriate. All subject to prior sale.





Pre-Approval by Corporate Assets Inc. will be required. To participate in the auction you must register and be approved. All Webcast (Remote) Bidders require a deposit equal to 25% of their requested Purchasing Limit (the maximum amount they plan to spend) plus the Buyer's Premium (see below for applicable Buyer's Premium) and must be by Direct Bank Wire Transfer. To ensure approval as a Bidder please make deposit arrangements as far in advance of the sale as possible. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

Invoices for the balance of the purchase price will be emailed and/or faxed to successful bidders within 24 hours of the close of the auction and are due upon receipt.


All buyers must complete the "Buyer Deposit Form" and provide Corporate Assets Inc. with a 25% deposit of their total intended purchase amount by way of wire transfer.* The deposit must be received by no later than 1 business day prior to the commencement of the sale.**

Payment in full must be made before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction.

* Please keep in mind that bank charges may apply to incoming and/or outgoing wire transfers by your/our bank/financial institution.

** In order to meet the Terms and Conditions of Sale, please keep in mind that wire transfers traditionally take between 2 - 4 business days to be processed by your bank. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

For International (Non Canadian and Non U.S. Residents) Buyers, Webcast Remote Buyers & Online Buyers, all payments shall ONLY be by way of wire transfer.

For Canadian and U.S. On-site Buyers, all payments shall be by way of wire transfer, certified cheque, bank draft, Interac, or company cheque accompanied with a valid bank letter of authorization guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Corporate Assets Inc. in the following format: "Name of Bank hereby guarantees irrevocable payment of cheques payable to Corporate Assets Inc. up to Amount in Words & Currency for purchases made by our client Name of Client. This letter is valid for purchases made at the auction of Name of Auction being held in City, State/Province on Date."

Payment by way of Visa or Mastercard will ONLY be accepted for purchases, and not for deposits, from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $2,500.00.

Payments may be made in advance of the auction by way of wire transfer and any balance in excess of the balance owing will be refunded after the auction.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if a deposit is not received at or before the time of sale.

A Buyer's Premium of 16% for all onsite bidders and 18% for all Webcast (Remote) bidders will apply at this sale.

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Proxy Bidding

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