Laboratory Testing Equipment

Assets Purchased from a Major Canadian University



BIDS CLOSE: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Start Time

12:00 PM EDT


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email to arrange a date and time.


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email to arrange a date and time.


All assets have been professionally decommissioned and cleaned prior to their removal. A brief summary of assets are as follows: (2) STERIS CENTURY SV-120, scientific pre-vacuum sterilizer autoclaves; PERKIN ELMER (2011) WIZARD 2-2470, automatic gamma counter; BECKMAN COULTER PROTEOMELAB PF2D, protein fractionation system; BECKMAN COULTER PROTEOMELAB PA800, protein analyzer w/ LIF 488 NM laser module; FC 204, fraction collector; BECKMAN COULTER GENOMELAB GeXP, genetic genome DNA sequencer; BECKMAN COULTER BIOMEK 3000, work station; LEICA ST 5020, multistainer w/ LEICA CV 5030 automated glass cover slipper; LEICA ASP300S, floor standing tissue processor; LEICA EG1150H, heated paraffin embedding module & cold plate; LEICA HI1220, digital flattening table; LEICA digital water bath; LEICA VT1200S, fully automated vibrating blade microtome; (5+) 8 station portable micro dialysis systems; GMA E-CHEMPRO electro-chemistry units; (2) STERIS RELIANCE 400 & 250, laboratory glassware washers; (2) MICROZONE CLEAN-CEIL VRF-2-4 clean workstations; THERMO SCIENTIFIC MERLIN M33, recirculating lab chiller; COULBOURN acoustic startle response systems; RESPIRONICS shuttle avoidance systems; HUGE ASSORTMENT OF laboratory testing equipment, perishable lab supplies, pipettes, titrators, rolling stainless steel multi-shelf carts, centrifuges, analytical and testing equipment, lab ovens & MUCH MORE!


We are doing our best to ensure our staff and customers are as safe as possible. If you wish to inspect the assets, we ask that you make an appointment so we may take necessary precautions to maintain health and safety protocols. Please maintain your distance between yourself and others and please DO NOT attend if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or have been exposed to someone who has, or have travelled outside of Canada in the last month.
If you wish for more information but cannot or do not wish to travel, we would be happy to provide an inspection via video and have someone available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office at 416.962.9600 or email for more details.  (Please allow 24 hrs for a response.)


The posted “Removal & Packaging Fees” for this auction are OPTIONAL. Buyers who can pick up their items in person are recommended to do so. Buyers who cannot pick up their items in person will have the option to use the available on-site removal & packaging services at the posted prices.  These prices do not include shipping.

The posted prices for each item include the following:  

  • Disconnecting each item electrically, mechanically and/or pneumatically as the case may be. Documenting with photographs all pre-existing conditions prior to packaging and providing the backup photos to the buyer upon request. 
  • Consolidating and packaging each item (including books, manuals, software & accessories where available) as required with suitable packaging foam, bubble wrap, Kraft paper and stretch foil wrap.   
  • Palletizing, crating, blocking and bracing and/or boxing the item(s) as the case may be to meet or exceed courier and/or LTL shipping standards.
  • Providing shipping dimensions, bills of lading and shipping labels upon request.
  • Loading the item(s) at the door onto customer-supplied trucks/trailers/dry vans or pre-arranged courier services.

Delivery services are available for the Greater Toronto Area. Contact for a firm quote and to schedule pick-up.  All other shipping costs, please call 416.962.9600 for a quote.


  • PERKIN ELMER (2011) 2470 WIZARD 2 automatic GAMMA counter with color touch screen control, 13mm dia. x 90mm h vial handling capacity, 50mm x 32mm end well type THALIUM activated SODIUM IODIDE crystal detector, robotic arm sample handler, laser barcode reader, s/n: DG03117548
  • BECKMAN COULTER PROTEOMELAB PF2D protein fractionation system with 32KARAT VER7.0 control and analysis software consisting of: BECKMAN COULTER PROTEOMELAB PF 2D-116 HPCF solvent delivery module, s/n 386-1246; BECKMAN COULTER PF2D system organizer, s/n 485-2228; BECKMAN COULTER PF 2D-166 UV detector module, s/n 146-1375; BECKMAN COULTER PF 2D-126 HPRH solvent delivery module with optional SYSTEM GOLD remote interface module, s/n 416-2229; BECKMAN COULTER PF 2D-166 UV detector module, s/n 386-1399; BECKMAN COULTER FC/I MODULE autosampler, s/n 50346; BECKMAN COULTER A24601 SCD column heater, s/n B24060025; BECKMAN COULTER LIF 488 NM LASER module with laser interconnect module, s/n 228712; BECKMAN COULTER LIF detector module, s/n 00144875AF1023060001
  • BECKMAN COULTER PROTEOMELAB PA800 protein characterization system with 32 KARAT VER 8.0 cd's, manuals and cables, PC not included, s/n: 3062813
  • BECKMAN COULTER GENOMELAB GeXP genetic analysis system with manual and cables, PC not included, s/n: A220330116
  • BECKMAN COULTER DU 800 spectrophotometer with DU800 UV/VIS VER 3.0 system & applications software, nucleic acid analysis software option, micro-auto single cell holder, IBM THINKCENTRE PC, cables, manuals, recovery cd, accessories and manual, s/n: 8002670
  • BECKMAN COULTER ALLEGRA X-15R benchtop centrifuge with digital programmable microprocessor control (4)x750ml sample holders, 4750rpm max, vial holders and accessories, s/n: ALP07H42
  • BECKMAN COULTER BIOMEK 3000 automated robotic liquid handler with BIOMEK SYSTEM 3.3 install disk, automatic head changer with (1) P20 head, (1) P200L head, (1) MP20 head, (1) MP200 head, (1) GRIPPER head, labware holders, pipetting heads, consumables, accessories, cables and manual, pc not included-not available, s/n 9861200449
  • GILSON FC204 compact large bed fraction collector with up to (8) shallow/deep well microplates, up to 10 programmable time windows, standalone operation, pc controllable or HPLC integration capability, s/n n/a
  • LABCONCO CENTRI-VAP centrifugal concentrator system with LABCONCO CENTRIVAP COLD TRAP, ILMVAC 4000512-03 vacuum pump, LABCONCO CENTRI ZAP timing light, variable speed digital control, s/n 080384735
  • LEICA fully automated staining/cover slipping system consisting of: LEICA ST5020 multi stainer with digital color TFT touch screen control, max 12 slide racks loading capacity, 30 specimen slides per rack, (40) stations with (31) reagent stations with 450ml reagent container capacity, (5) wash stations, (4) oven stations with 40-70 deg c oven chamber temperature, 115v/1ph/50-60hz, s/n: 0882047533623; optional integrated LEICA CV5030 robotic cover slipper with digital microprocessor control, (160) 24mmx40mm cover slip magazine capacity, (120) 24mmx60mm cover slip magazine capacity, 9 second slide throughput, 115v/1ph/50-60hz, s/n 1342
  • LEICA ASP300S enclosed automatic tissue processor, s/n: 2689/01.2008
  • LEICA VT1200S bench type automated vibrating microtome with digital microprocessor control, s/n 048142066
  • LEICA EG1150H auto tissue embedder with LEICA EG1150C-3 cold plate, s/n 6466/12.2007; 4764/11.2007
  • LEICA HI1220 digital hot plate with 350w/125v/1ph/50-60hz, max 75 deg C, s/n n/a
  • LEICA HI1220 digital hot bath with 350w/125v/1ph/50-60hz, max 75 deg C, s/n n/a
  • (8) CULEX portable MICRO-DIALISYS systems consisting of CULEX EMPIS programmable infusion system, CULEX HONEY COMB 48 station digital programmable fraction collection system, BASJ RATURN motorized acrylic holding enclosure with RATURN digital control, CULEX digital controller and integration, portable adjustable rack, s/n n/a
  • STERIS SV-120 SCIENTIFIC pre vacuum sterilizer with digital touch screen control, thermal printer, stainless steel chamber, s/n n/a
  • STERIS SV-120 SCIENTIFIC pre vacuum sterilizer with digital touch screen control, thermal printer, stainless steel chamber, (wall mount installation-side panels not included) s/n n/a
  • STERIS RELIANCE 400 laboratory glassware washer with digital touch screen control, thermal printer, stainless steel chamber, (wall mount installation-some panels not included) s/n 3602507006
  • STERIS RELIANCE 250 ULTRA WASH PLUS laboratory glassware washer with digital touch screen control, thermal printer, stainless steel chamber, spare rack, (back panel not included) s/n 3603607006
  • ALL AMERICAN 25X-1 electric pressure steam sterilizer with 11-1/2" diameter and 8" aluminum pot, 260 deg. f. operating range, safety pressure release valve, adjustable temperature control, 1050w, 120v, 1ph, 50-60hz, s/n: 0014775
  • DYNEX ULTRA WASH PLUS 96 well, single buffer microplate washer, s/n: n/a
  • MILLIPORE MILLI-Q ADVANTAGE A10 bench type digital water purification system, s/n F7MN699376E
  • THERMO SCIENTIFIC 3130 FORMA SERIES II water jacket CO2 incubator with digital microprocessor control, 110v/1ph/50-60hz, s/n 319156-3214
  • THERMO ELECTRON PRECISION 6530 ELECTRIC ECONOTHERM laboratory oven with 18"x16"x15" enclosure, 115v, 1ph, 50-60hz, s/n: 603134
  • COULBOURN behavioral testing system including modules and components, computer system, triggers and accessories
  • (10) COULBOURN isolated electronic programmable behavioral stimulators
  • (3) DT S3PA5 programmable behavioral research sound attenuators, s/n: n/a
  • (60) RESPIRONICS ER-4000 energizer/receivers with cables and power supplies, s/n: n/a
  • (10) PROFILUX II aquarium and terrarium control computers, s/n n/a
  • (9) PROFILUX II moon/sunrise simulator led light sets
  • (8) PROFILUX II 4-channel 110v controllable power distribution units
  • FOREDOM 18,000RPM flex shaft precision surgical drill, s/n: L060115 (NEW, NEVER USED)
  • RIVER MEDICAL ENGINEERING T3ISO ISOFLURANE vaporizer and flow meter anesthesia unit with hoses, tubing and gauges, s/n: 300402
  • MATRIX VIP3000 ISOFLURANE vaporizer, s/n 070VAP10354
  • MATRIX VIP3000 ISOFLURANE vaporizer, s/n 0707VAP10356
  • SURGI VET CDS 2000 wall mount ISOFLURANE HOLDER, vaporizer not included, s/n n/a
  • GMA E-CHEMPRO 1/110/60 high speed sampler with ATEN UC-232A USB to SERIAL converter, s/n: 0023
  • GMA E-CHEMPRO 1/220/50 high speed sampler with ATEN UC-232A USB to SERIAL converter, s/n: 0002
  • GMA E-CHEMPRO 2/110/60 high speed sampler with ATEN UC-232A USB to SERIAL converter, s/n: 0026
  • MICROZONE CLEAN-CEIL FFM-2-4--MA portable lab exhaust hood with MICROZONE HEPA filtration, lights, power plug, stainless steel work surface, 24"w*48"l*24"h working space, 110v/1ph, 50-60hz, s/n n/a
  • MICROZONE CLEAN-CEIL FFM-2-4--WA portable lab exhaust hood with MICROZONE HEPA filtration , lights, power plugs, stainless steel work surface, 22"w*46"l*24"h working space, CFI FLUORESCENT UV light, manual adjustable height, c110v/1ph, 50-60hz, s/n n/a
  • MICROZONE CLEAN-CEIL FFM-2-4--WA portable lab exhaust hood with MICROZONE HEPA filtration , lights, power plugs, stainless steel work surface with sink, 22"w*46"l*24"h working space, CFI FLUORESCENT UV light, manual adjustable height, c110v/1ph, 50-60hz, s/n n/a
  • LOMA IQ2 through type metal detector with 6"x10" aperture - (parts machine-no control bord) s/n n/a
  • BTX ECM830 bench type digital electro square prorator, s/n n/a
  • BTX ECM630 bench type digital electro cell manipulator, s/n n/a
  • ALLFLEX RS601-3 RFID reader kit, s/n n/a
  • PHYSITEMP BFS-30VT controller with digital microprocessor control, s/n n/a  
  • BENCHMARK stereotaxic instruments
  • (12) ACER INSPIRE 245 2.0 desktop computer speaker sets
  • THECUS 5 bay network attached storage with (5) SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200RPM 750GB hard drives, s/n: N/A
  • JAPAN MFT precision camera inspection system with (2) 9" monitors, (2) JAPAN MTF micro cameras, micrometer mounting system, cables and power supply, s/n n/a
  • SPECTROLINE X-15G ultraviolet light, s/n: n/a
  • SARTORIUS M-POWER digital balance scale with draft shield, s/n n/a (no dc adaptor)
  • SCOTSMAN AFE424A-1A self-contained icemaker with 115v/1ph/50-60hz, s/n 11041320013032
  • THERMO ELECTRON NESLAB MERLIN M33 portable refrigerated laboratory liquid chiller, 200-230v/1ph/50-60hz, s/n 107127013


(2) INTERNATIONAL CRYOGENICS IC-10D storage dewars and (1) NALGENE composite container; (2) SAMSUNG 40" flatscreen TVs, s/n n/a (no stands); PALLET of computers/monitors/cables and pc accessories; cameras, accessories and carry case; 72"x30"x31" stainless steel laboratory table and 36"x20"x30"h rolling stainless steel cart; (6) metro rolling wire racks and MORE!


Terms & Conditions

Corporate Assets Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions on this Web site. Corporate Assets Inc. expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction as it may deem appropriate. All subject to prior sale.


A Buyer's Premium of 18% for all Webcast (Remote) bidders will apply at this sale.
Pre-Approval by Corporate Assets Inc. will be required to participate in the sale. Potential Bidders must register and be approved (in person for Onsite auctions or online for Live Webcast auctions). Bidders may be asked to complete the "Buyer Deposit Form" and provide a deposit equal to 25% of their requested Purchasing Limit (the maximum amount they plan to spend) plus the Buyer's Premium (see above for applicable Buyer's Premium) and must be made by Interac e-transfers or Direct Bank Wire Transfer1.
To ensure approval as a Bidder, please contact us to make arrangements as far in advance of the sale as possible. The deposit must be received no later than 1 business day prior to the commencement of the sale2. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.


  1. Please keep in mind that bank charges may apply to incoming and/or outgoing wire transfers by your/our bank/financial institution.
  2. To meet the Terms and Conditions of Sale, please keep in mind that wire transfers traditionally take between 2 - 4 business days to be processed by your bank. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

Invoices for the balance of the purchase price will be emailed and/or faxed to successful bidders within 24 hours of the close of the auction and are due upon receipt.

Payment in full must be made before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction.
For International (Non-Canadian and Non-U.S. Residents) Buyers all payments and deposits shall ONLY be made by wire transfer.
For Canadian and U.S. Buyers, all payments can be made by wire transfer, certified cheque, bank draft, Interac Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Interac e-transfers, or company cheque accompanied with a valid bank letter of authorization guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Corporate Assets Inc. in the following format: "Name of Bank hereby guarantees irrevocable payment of cheques payable to Corporate Assets Inc. up to Amount in Words & Currency for purchases made by our client Name of Client. This letter is valid for purchases made at the auction of Name of Auction being held in City, State/Province on Date."



  • Payment by way of Visa, Mastercard will ONLY be accepted for purchases, and not for deposits, from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $2,500.
  • Payment by way of Interac e-Transfers will ONLY be accepted for purchases from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $25,000.
  • Payments may be made in advance of the auction by way of wire transfer and any balance in excess of the balance owing will be refunded after the auction.



The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if a deposit is not received at or before the time of sale.

Removal Details

Applicable for all Purchasers, their employees, riggers, machinery movers, contractors, and agents who participate in the disconnection and/or removal of items purchased at auction.


Purchasers are responsible for removing all articles purchased unless an Exclusive Rigger* has been designated for the sale. “CI” on the purchaser’s invoice designates that a proper certificate of insurance is required before any item marked “CI” can be mechanically removed. Furthermore, properly authorized rigger release instructions, in writing, are required by Corporate Assets Inc.’s office before a Purchaser/Mover/Rigger can commence removal of these items. These forms can be downloaded below.





*For sales with Exclusive Riggers, removal fees will apply. Please refer to the posted Lot Catalogue for pricing. Fees do not include container loading, blocking/bracing, specialty packaging, shipping, or other services. Trucking and transport services may be available through a third-party supplier. More details below. The Buyer's Premium does not apply to posted rigging fees.

Shipping Services

For small items where a pallet isn't required or items are already in packages/boxes, Corporate Assets Inc. can arrange shipping via UPS or FedEx or using a buyer’s business account. The cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact to arrange.

* For shipping large items, trucking and transport services are available through Fuze Logistics Inc.
Fuze Logistics Services Inc.
Mr. Chris Tan

US Inbound Customs Brokers

*Cross border logistics, including fees and customs clearance, are available through third-party brokers.
Montgomery International Brokers
Bill Clune or Melanie Koerber
716.875.5100 EXT 105
Omega Customs Brokers Inc
Ralph Ronderos
305.592.5656 EXT 1005 or