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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Start Time

10:30 AM EST


Wednesday, January 28 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and morning of auction to start of auction.


Small Items: Thursday, January 28 before 5:00 P.M.
Remaining Items: Wednesday, February 4 before 5:00 P.M.



CUSTOM METAL FABRICATING FACILITY FEATURING:ALLSTEEL 10’ x 1.2” shear; BAYKAL (1994) APH 3600-150 press brake; HYD-MECH S-20II horizontal saw; CCCP 2M55 radial drill; SHOPMADE 125 ton hydraulic press; GEKA HYDRACROP 80 hydraulic ironworker; KAO MING KMR-700DS radial drill; TOOLEX TUG40 engine lathe; BURNY 5 head oxy-acetylene cutting table; GULLCO (1997) GM-01-200 linear mark robot; (30+) welders and assorted accessories; CHEVROLET (2012) SILVERADO 1500 pick-up truck; PONTIAC (2008) G5 sedan; (3) forklifts up to 8000 lb capacity; LARGE USEABLE RAW MATERIAL & SCRAP OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE; LARGE OFFERING OF FACTORY SUPPORT EQUIPMENT CONSISTING OF: power and idle tank turning rolls, fume extractors, paint pumps, lifting accessories, parts washers, saws, milling machines, power and perishable tools, air compressors and dryers, adjustable racking, steel work tables, GREENLEE punch sets, jacks up to 150 ton capacity, office furniture & equipment and MUCH MORE!


  • 1986 Allsteel 1/2", 10' Shear 
  • 1994 Baykal "APH 3600-150" Press Brake - S/N: 1928
  • Hydmech " S-20 Series II" Horizontal Band Saw - S/N: 61204822H
  • Hydmech " S-20A" 2HP 575V Band Saw - S/N: 10188220 w/ 13"x20" Capacity, Automatic Feed, 1" Blade
  • 1990 CCCP "2M55" Radial Drill - S/N: 19843 w/ 710 mm. x 710 mm. Box Table
  • Shopmade 125-Ton Hydraulic Press w/ Power Supply
  • GEKA "Hydracrop 80" Ironworker - S/N: 8661
  • Teledyne Pines "M-82622" 5-Ton Vertical Tube Bender - S/N:  44361-78020 w/ 1.5"x0.065" Max. Capacity, 7/8"x0.035" Square Tube, 5/8" Round Bar, 1/2" Square Bar, 20HP 575V/3PH/60Hz, 3,000 lbs.
  • 1992 Kao Ming "KMR-700DS" Radial Arm Drill - S/N: 70230
  • 1987 Toolex "TUG40" Lathe - S/N: 6492
  • Worktable 13,500 lbs. Floor Plate
  • Set of "WRD-8-88" Motorized Turning Rolls - S/N: 7087
  • Set of Turning Rolls
  • Jib Booms w/ Hoists
  • Burny 5-Multi-Head Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Table - S/N: 93-02-135  w/ (5) "MN5-896502" Cutting Torches, 12'x22' Shopmade Water Table
  • Whitney Knacher Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Bernard "6300" Smoke Hog - S/N: 52684
  • L-Tec "PCM100" Plasma Cutter - S/N: A89B-04226
  • 36" Electric Rolls
  • Lifting Chains:  (6) '6,000 lbs., (1) Chain 3' to 7,000 lbs., 1-Channel 6,000 lbs. 12, 2-Channels 7' to 15,000 lbs., 1-Channel 6' to 20,800 lbs., 2-Channels 12' 31,300 lbs., 1-Channel 9" to 31,300 lbs., 1-Channel 4-Strand 7' to 18,400 lbs. and 1-Channel 13 Simple
  • Airless Paint Pumps
  • King 14" Abrasive Cut-Off  Saw
  • 1997 Gullco "GM-01-200" Linear Mark Robot - S/N: 8767
  • Cement Mixer
  • Metal Stapping Cart w/ Tools
  • Uni-Ram "870" Parts Cleaner
  • Mastercraft 10" Deluxe Table Saw
  • Dryrod "P7" 100°F to 550°F Rod Oven
  • 1997 Gardner Denver Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressor - S/N: U87610
  • Refrigerated Air Dryer


  • (14) Hobart "1561", "1547", "1561", "1587", "1587" and "1557" Arc Welders - S/N: 60FC7366, 77WA06978, 60FC7361, 60FC8332, 60FC7948, 60FC8327, (8) N/A
  • (3) Lincoln Electric "255" Mig Welders - S/N: U1051106166, U1060603126 & U1050701876
  • Lincoln Electric "PowerMig 255" Mig Welder - S/N: U1030503750
  • (3) Lincoln Electric "Power Mig 255C" Mig Welders - S/N: U197-0515728, U1070304672 & U 1060309714
  • Lincoln Electric "Invertec V450 Pro Series" Mig Welder - S/N: U1081201396
  • (2) Lincoln Electric "WireMatic 255" Mig Welders - S/N: U1981106846, U1030612599
  • (2) Lincoln Electric "Invertec V450" Mig Welder - S/N: U1081103271, U1090402952 w/ Wire Feeder
  • (3) Lincoln Electric "CV-400" Mig Welders - S/N: U1051210973, U1051211912 & U1070609545 w/ "LF-74" Wire Feeder - S/N: C1961200265, (2) N/A
  • (2) Lincoln Electric "Flextec 450" Mig Welders - S/N: U1111108758 & U1070604697 w/ "LF-74" Wire Feeders
  • Miller "MP-65E" Mig Welder - S/N: HF858115
  • Nelson "TR-850" 5/8" Stud Welder - S/N: HK328563 w/ Gun and Carriage
  • Millerpour "MO750" Welder - S/N: HF858813
  • Miller "FC6TC" DC Welder - S/N: R3969471
  • Welco "RC750" Welder - S/N: 9651 w/ "30RT Series" Wire Feed
  • (4) Welding Curtains


  • 2012 Chevrolet "Silverado 1500" Pick-Up Truck - VIN:  1GCNCPEX6CZ347229, KMS:  19,748
  • 2008 Pontiac "G5" Sedan - VIN:  1G2AJ55F387281715, KMS:  94,024
  • Toyota "3FG35" LPG Forklift Truck - S/N: 17785 w/ 8,000 lbs. Capacity, Pneumatic Tires, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift
  • Clark "C500-120" Forklift Truck - S/N: 0151145010 w/ 7,000 lbs. Capacity, Side Shift, Tandem Front Tires
  • TCM "FCG25-2H" Forklift Truck - S/N: A40MG0238 w/ Side Shift, Solid Tire


  • (13) Sections Pallet Racking
  • (10) Sections Racking
  • Metal Shelf
  • Metal Cabinet
  • (15) Steel Trestles
  • (6) 2-Door Metal Storage Cabinets
  • 15-Ton, 75-Ton and 150-Ton Jacks
  • Threading
  • Work Tables:  Cast 32" x 112", 80" x 12', 4 ' x 6', Work Table w/ Vise, (2) 5' x 10' Steel, 8' x 30' Steel
  • Steel Benches
  • Ventilation Hood
  • Preheating Torch
  • Greenlee "7310" Knockout Punch
  • (2) Mastervac Shop Vacuums
  • Quackerstate Lubrication System
  • 15' x 8' Manual Cutting Table
  • (6) Assorted Clamps
  • (2) Koike Radiagraphs
  • (3) 42" x 78" Containers
  • (20) Roller Supports
  • (16) Easels
  • 90" Conveyor Section
  • (2) Vanguard 1.5-Ton Chain Hoists
  • Mastercraft 8' Drum
  • (3) Trolleys
  • (8) Heating Torches
  • (2) Tilting skips
  • 16-Step Sliding Scale
  • (2) Flat-Shaped Movable Aluminum
  • (2) Tank Rolls of 18
  • (2) Non-Motorized Rollers 18" Dual Wheel
  • (2) Motorized Rollers 24" Single Wheel
  • (2) 6' Aluminum Step Ladders
  • 8' Step Ladder
  • 13' Wooden Ladder
  • 12' Wooden Ladder
  • 24' Extendable ladder


  • Bar Stock, Angle Iron, Plate Steel, Sheet Stock, Checker Plate, Aluminum, Material Storage Racks


  • Desks, Chairs, File Cabinets, Shelving, Room Dividers, Folding Tables, Computers, Printers, Microwave, Storage Cabinets

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