Agrofibres Inc.

Complete Late Model Hemp Processing Facility


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Start Time

10:30 AM EDT


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email to arrange a date and time.


All assets must be removed no later than Friday, May 14 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email to arrange.




Corporate Assets Inc. is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the assets of Agrofibres Inc. in Lavaltrie, Quebec. This late model hemp processing facility can break down harvested bales of hemp, separate and package the dust into briquettes, the seeds and leaves into volumetric filled bags and bale single strand fibres to be used in various commercial and industrial applications. Millions of dollars have been invested into this facility over the years and this is an incredible opportunity that is not to be missed!

A Brief Summary of Assets are as Follows: PREMIER TECH (2013) VP-400S (4) station high speed automatic linear compression bagging system w/ touch screen PLC (REPLACES FOR $250,000 NEW); PREMIER TECH (2013) 60” x 72” powered bale infeed conveyor system w/ load cells & DRO; VALVAN (2013) 25 ton capacity hydraulic baling system w/ 21” x 21” bale size, (3) steel wire automatic bale tie down units & SIEMENS PLC control; WEIMA (2018) hydraulic briquetting press w/ (2) cyclonic & rotary vane feeders; KRANEMAN (2013) BLUCHER 39, (4) bin chip & solids grading system w/ SIEMENS PLC control; KRANEMAN (2011) BLUCHER 36, 5’ hydraulic bale breaker guillotine system w/ infeed conveyor & SIEMENS PLC control; TEMAFA 5' bale opener w infeed & outfeed conveyor; BUNTIG (2013) through type metal detector; (8) TRUTZSCHLER fibre step cleaners, condensers & fibre rolling systems (NEW AS 2002); (2) MAXIFLOW explosion proof fine particle cartridge type dust collectors; MAC DON 25' combine harvester head (MODIFIED FOR HEMP HARVESTING); CASE 25' combine harvester head (MODIFIED FOR HEMP HARVESTING); PERMODOME (2017) 100’ x 40’ x 28’ pony wall Quonset building; MEGADOME (2012) 60’ x 40’ x 15’ pony wall Quonset building; YANMAR (LATE MODEL) V4-6, articulating front end wheel loader w/ quick change bucket, fork & bale attachments (ONLY 575 HOURS); TOYOTA 5000 lb capacity outdoor forklift w/ cab; CATERPILLAR 4,400 lbs capacity pallet truck w/ scale; KAESER (2012) 15HP rotary screw air compressor and dryer package (ONLY 2600 HOURS); (2) DURABAC (2013) 40 yard roll off bins; Late Model Dumping hoppers; (5+) TWIN CITY positive displacement blowers up to 25HP; LARGE ASSORTMENT OF screw type auger and conveyance equipment, general factory support equipment, HEMP BALED & PROCESSED INVENTORY and MUCH MORE!


1.800.340.5644 | 514.895.5644
Service Area: Canada, U.S.A. & International
please contact: Kerry-Ann Labranche

*For everyone’s safety removal at this site is conducted strictly by appointment only. Buyers can contact the mover directly at 1-800-340-5644 or to set their pick-up appointments upon payment in full.



  • PREMIER TECH (2013) MODEL 105776 72”x58” powered bale infeed roller conveyor with load cells and RICE LAKE 520-1A DRO, s/n: 2629865
  • KRANEMANN (2011) BLUCHER 36 hydraulic bale breaker guillotine with 60” blade, infeed belt conveyor, PANASONIC touchscreen PLC control, s/n: 01
  • TEMAFA 60” bale opener with 118”x66” infeed conveyor, LENZE 168”x60 incline cleated belt outfeed conveyor, (2) ABB and (5) LENZE variable frequency drives with digital controls, s/n: 0202-181
  • BUNTING-MESUTRONIC (2013) MN 5.2D 1850/650 through-type metal detector with 84”x24” aperture, s/n: 2013-1175-D
  • CASA 216”x18” power incline cleated belt conveyor, s/n: n/a
  • TRUTZSCHLERMODEL LVSA dust condenser, s/n: 146418A
  • TRUTZSCHLER (2002) MAXI-FLO MFC fibre pre-cleaner with TRUTZSCHLER digital control, s/n: 9111351063
  • TRUTZSCHLER BE1200 vertical feed box, s/n: 9310701
  • TRUTZSCHLER SRS6 mechanical & heat fibre step cleaner, s/n: n/a
  • TRUTZSCHLER RVK fibre roller carding machine, s/n: 09-1-07-02
  • TRUTZSCHLER dust condenser with 1.5 HP, s/n: n/a
  • KRANEMANN (2013) BLUCHER 39 4 bin chip & solids rotary type grading system with bottom discharge auger conveyor, s/n: 39-1-12
  • CASA 216”X10” galvanized incline auger conveyor
  • SAM multi-system control cabinet with (6) LENZE variable frequency drives with digital controls, s/n: SC20130212M1-2
  • PREMIER TECH (2013) VP-400-S (4) station volumetric rotary type compression bagger with 6p/min throughput, automatic hot bag sealer, full safety cage enclosure, ALLEN-BRADLEY PANELVIEW PLUS 600 touchscreen PLC control, s/n: 4847268
  • TWIN CITY RBO-SW SIZE 915 positive displacement blower, s/n: 18-734055-4-1
  • VALVAN (2013) C25S750S/30 25-ton hydraulic baler with (6) wire automatic bale tie down, SIEMENS SIMATIC PANEL touchscreen PLC control, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic bale outfeed, full safety cage enclosure, s/n: G13-0054


  • WEIMA (2018) TH814 hydraulic briquetting press with 3” briquette diameter, 331-397 lb/hr throughput rate, 18 HP, (2) cyclonic feeders, rotary vane feeders, s/n: 980-411
  • (2) TRUTZSCHLER MODEL LVSA dust condensers, s/n: 198630, n/a
  • KRANEMANN (2010) BLUCHER 35 rotary hammer mill with approx. 120 HP, s/n: 02
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (2010) industrial control panel with TELEMECHANIQUE digital control, s/n: n/a


  • KAESER (2012) SM15 SIGMA 15 HP rotary screw air compressor with 125 PSIG, 53 CFM, 3560 RPM, 2683 hrs (recorded on meter at time of listing), 575V/3 PH/60 HZ, KAESER wall-mounted in-line digital air dryer (may be sold separately), s/n: 1010
  • (2) MAXIFLO 2MCH4-16 explosion proof fine particle cartridge-type dust collector with (16) cartridges, 4000 CFM, s/n: 1303-24S16-J0597C, 1303-24S16-J0597A
  • AGROFIBRES custom bag house-type dust collector enclosure with bag filter, galvanized steel all-bolted construction, s/n: n/a
  • AGROFIBRES custom dust collector bag-type filter, s/n: n/a
  • MFG. UNKNOWN 15 HP blower, s/n: n/a
  • TWIN CITY EPF-SW SIZE 365 positive displacement blower with 60 HP motor, s/n: 18-734055-3-1
  • TWIN CITY RBO-SW SIZE 915 positive displacement blower, s/n: 18-734055-5-1
  • TWIN CITY 10 HP positive displacement blower, s/n: n/a
  • TENCO (2011) TC 40 AS hydraulic compacting baler, s/n 200189


  • YANMAR (2012) V4-6 articulating front end loader with diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, 4WD, 96” dump clearance at max. rise, heater, A/C, COTECH fork attachment (may be sold separately), 588 hrs (recorded on meter at time of inspection), s/n: YMRV4Y6YHCYY61569
  • COTECH (2013) CBR-90 bale grapple attachment, s/n: 00015937
  • COTECH bale lifting attachment, s/n: n/a
  • SSTA 72” bucket attachment, s/n: n/a
  • TOYOTA 7FGU25 LPG forklift with 4800 lb. capacity, approx. 180” max. lift height, 3 stage mast, side shift, fork spreader, outdoor tires, enclosed cab with heater, 14,283 hrs (recorded at time of listing), s/n: 74904


  • PERMDOME (2017) 100’x40’x28’H pony wall quonset hut outdoor storage building
  • MEGADOME (2012) 60’x40’x15’H pony wall quonset hut outdoor storage building


(120+) bales of hemp, (2) DURBAC 40 yd roll-off bin, NEW HOLLAND gas-powered portable pressure washer, MAC DON 25’ combine harvester head, CASE 25’ combine harvester head, 5000 lb. pallet jack, transformers, A-frame ladders, heat-seal material bags, surplus equipment, shop supplies and MUCH MORE!


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