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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Start Time

10:30 AM EDT


Tuesday, June 20 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and morning of auction to start of auction.


Small items: Thursday, June 22 by 5:00 P.M.
Remaining items: Friday, July 7 by 5:00 P.M.


Fabricating | Machining


FEATURING: UNION BFT 100-4, 4” table type horizontal boring mill; ACCURSHEAR 10’ x ¼” hydraulic shear SOLD!; ALLSTEEL 70-10, hydraulic press brake with AUTOGAUGE control; PROMECAM 300 ton x 18’ press brake; WEBB 10’ x ½” plate rolls; COSEN automatic horizontal saw; HYD-MECH S20A, horizontal saw; MAS (2000) V050, 5’ radial arm drill; HYPERTHERM plasma cutting table with 10’ x 30’ capacity; JLG (2007) G9-43A, outdoor diesel telehandler; STERLING (2003) flatbed truck with hydraulic boom crane; FORD (2012) F350, pick-up truck with box; FORD (2011) RANGER, pick-up truck; FORD (2008) F450, cube van; CLARK 8000 LB outdoor forklift; DAVIS keyseater; SCOTCHMAN ironworker with dies; TOS (1998) SN50, gap bed engine lathe; RUNMASTER 20” x 60” engine lathe; STANDARD MODERN 1340, tool room lathe; DO-ALL vertical band saw; DAH-LIH universal milling machine; NANTONG vertical milling machine; FIRST vertical milling machine; JN NORTH (late model) portable welding positioner; ALLIS CHALMERS 2800 LB forklift; HUGE ASSORTMENT OF power tools, (25+) welders & plasma cutters, sheet metal & raw material inventory, boom welders, air compressors, shop presses, outside plate & structural scrap, sea containers, brake dies & associated tooling, bridge cranes & MUCH MORE!


  • UNION BFT100/IV table type horizontal boring mill with 4" spindle diameter, 59” x 52” t-slot table, travels 91.5” longitudinal,91” traverse, 75.5” vertical, 35" quill travel, speeds to 710RPM, #50 taper, HEIDENHEIN 2 axis DRO, s/n: 9951
  • DAHLI DL –GH950 universal mill with 53” x 12” t-slot table, speeds to 3800RPM, FAGOR 3 axis DRO, s/n: 950149
  • KBC T4MVIS vertical mill with 42" x 9" t-slot table, speeds to 4200RPM, 2.2hp, s/n: n/a
  • FIRST LC-18VSG vertical mill with 49” x 9” t-slot table, speeds to 4500RPM, DYNAMICS 2 axis DRO, s/n: 75120039
  • NANTONG XJ632SA vertical mill with 44” x 9” t-slot table, speeds to 4760RPM, ALIGN power table, vertical slotting head, s/n: 15179
  • TOS SN50C gap bed engine lathe with 22” swing over bed , 28” swing in the gap, 78” between centers, 2” spindle bore, 10” 4 jaw chuck, speeds to 2000RPM, in/mm threading, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 085020980229
  • CHIENYEH CY405X1000G engine lathe with 14" swing over bed, 36" between centers, 2" spindle bore, 8" chuck, speeds to 1200RPM, in/mm threading, steady rest, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • RUNMASTER RUN-510-15B gap bed engine lathe with 22” swing over bed, 31” swing in the gap, 59” between centers, 3 ¼” spindle bore, 12” 4 jaw chuck, speeds to 1600RPM, FAGOR 2 axis DRO, in/mm threading, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 99511
  • STANDARD MODERN 1340 tool room lathe with 14” swing, 43” between centers, 1 ¼” spindle bore, 6” 3 jaw chuck, speeds to 2000RPM, in/mm threading, s/n: 12158
  • MAS KOSOSVIT V050 radial arm drill with 30” x 40” x 20” t-slot box table, travels 32”, speeds to 2500RPM, in/mm threading, s/n: 4161
  • HANSFORD DAVIS key seater with 31” x 20” t-slot table, s/n: n/a


  • ACCURSHEAR 625010 hydraulic shear with 10’ x ¼” mild steel cutting capacity, ACCURSHEAR 5C2 single axis CNC back gauge, s/n: 3326 SOLD!
  • ALLSTEEL 7010 hydraulic press brake with 70 ton capacity, 10’ overall bending length, 101” in between housings, AUTOGAUGE G24 programmable single axis CNC back gauge, s/n: 422
  • PROMECAM RG 305 hydraulic press brake with 300 ton capacity, 16’ overall bending length, 178” in between housings, s/n: n/a
  • GLOBAL/HYPERTHERM CNC plasma burn table with HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 105 plasma power source, 32’ x 8’ burn table, travels 33’ x 8’, 8” over table, s/n: n/a
  • MFG N/A plate rolls with 128” bending length, 10” rolls, 5hp, s/n: n/a
  • SCOTCHMAN 9075.24 hydraulic iron worker, s/n: 6380.11.80
  • HYD-MECH S20A SERIES 2 automatic horizontal band saw with digital programmable micro processor control, 3hp, bundling/feeding vise, mitre capability, coolant, s/n: 81098522
  • COSEN AH-330ER horizontal band saw with 3hp, bundling/feeding vise, mitre capability, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • DO-ALL DBW-15 vertical band saw with 20” throat, 30” x 24” t-slot table, blade speeds to 5200RPM, blade welder, s/n: 290-788600
  • CENTRAL MACHINERY T-39775 16” automatic planer with 2hp, s/n: 47468
  • (2) KING INDUSTRIAL combination sanders with 6” x 48” belt, 12” disc, 1.5hp, s/n: n/a
  • (2) RIGID 535 pipe threaders, s/n: n/a


  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC RANGER 8 gas powered welder generator with cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • MULTIQUIP WHISPERWELD DLW-300ESA diesel welder generator with KUBOTA inline 4 diesel engine, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • HOBART CYBERPRO 302 MIG welder with MILLER 70 SERIES wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • (2) MILLER MILLERMATIC 251 MIG welders with cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • MILLER CH300 MIG welder with MILLER MILLERMATIC S-54D wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • MILLER DELTAWELD 650 MIG welder with MEMCO wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • HOBART FC250 MIG welder with CANOX MIGMATIC C-S 54A wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • COMPARC MM-302 MIG welder with COMPARC COM604 wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • CANOX L-650-BW MIG welder with CANOX wire feeder, jib arm, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • ARCWELD 650A MIG welder with MFG N/A wire feeder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • LINDE L-TEC HELI ARC 250-HF SQUARE WAVE tig welder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • ESAB HELI-ARC tig welder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • (2) LINCOLN ELECTRIC IDEALARC 250 arc welder, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • (2) LINDE L-TEC power source, cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 1000 G3 SERIES plasma cutter with cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • CANOX parts welder with cables and gun, s/n n/a
  • ARCLANDS parts welder with cables and gun, s/n n/a


  • STERLING (2002) tandem axle flatbed boom truck with CATERPILLAR C-12 inline 6 diesel engine, EATON 8 speed manual transmission, 21’ x 8’ bed (recently refurbished boards), TEREX BT-479224 TON capacity hydraulic boom crane with max 134' reach, power windows, power locks, approx. 276,922KM (recorded on odometer), VIN: 2FZHAZA5X3AK8C150
  • FORD F350 (2012) cube van truck with 6.4l V8 DIESEL engine, automatic transmission, 2wd, CUBE box, VIN: N/A
  • FORD F350 (2004) flatbed truck with 5.4l V8 engine, automatic transmission, 2wd, 9’ x 6’ custom aluminum box, approx. 92,039KM (recorded on odometer) VIN: 1FDSF34L44ED01369
  • FORD F250XL (2000) pickup truck with 5.4l V8 engine, automatic transmission, 2wd, approx. 311,757KM (recorded on odometer) VIN: 1FTNX20L5YEC05447
  • FORD F150XL (2011) pickup truck with 3.7l v6 engine, automatic transmission, 2wd, REESE trailer brake controller, approx. 139,568KM (recorded on odometer) VIN: 1FTEX1CMXCFA07755
  • GMC SIERRA (2005) 1500 pickup truck with 4.8l V8 engine, automatic transmission, 2wd, approx. 356,219KM (recorded on odometer) VIN: 1GTEC19V05Z358056
  • FORD RANGER (2011) pickup truck with 4.0l v6 engine, 5 speed manual transmission, 2wd, approx. 98,000KM (recorded on odometer) VIN: 1FTKRFEE3BPA40769
  • JLG (2007) G9-43A telehandler forklift with 9000lbs capacity, 43' max vertical reach, JOHN DEERE 99 HP DIESEL engine, (only 860 hours recoded on meter at the time of listing), s/n 0160026550
  • CLARK C500Y305 LPG outdoor forklift with 8000lbs capacity, 147” max reach, 2 stage mast, outdoor chained tires s/n: Y685-686-2342
  • ALLIS CHALMERS ACC 30 LPS LPG forklift with 2850lbs capacity, 156” max reach, single stage mast, cushion tires s/n: afe108545
  • MISKA tandem axle flat deck trailer with 16’ x 8’ deck (recently refurbished boards) 1500lbs capacity VIN:2R9UTD523
  • MFG N/A single axle enclosed flat deck trailer with 8’ x 5’ deck VIN: n/a
  • POWERFIST trailer mounted electric log splitter with 31 ton capacity s/n: n/a


  • DV SYSTEMS 5hp piston type tank mounted air compressor s/n: 078257
  • DEVILBISS 5hp piston type tank mounted air compressor s/n: n/a


Huge assortment of power tools including mag base drills, portable cut-off saws, reciprocating saws, circulars saws, grinders, impact guns, drills. Machine tool accessories consisting of vises, rotary tables, tie down equipment. Perishable tooling including drills, end mills, reamers, carbide insert face cutters and boring bars. Welding supplies consisting of MIG wire, tig/arc electrodes, welding curtains, gloves, perishable accessories. Lifting equipment consisting of sheet metal lifters, spreader beams, straps and slings, shackles and eyebolts. Welding tables, work benches, tool cabinets, gang boxes, high boy cabinets, saw horses, shop fans, ladders. Large inventory of material consisting of sheet metal, angle iron, round stock, pipe and much more!


Terms & Conditions

Corporate Assets Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions on this Web site. Corporate Assets Inc. expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction as it may deem appropriate. All subject to prior sale.


A Buyer's Premium of 16% for all onsite bidders and 18% for all Webcast (Remote) bidders will apply at this sale.
Pre-Approval by Corporate Assets Inc. will be required to participate in the sale. Potential Bidders must register and be approved (in person for Onsite auctions or online for Live Webcast auctions). Bidders may be asked to complete the "Buyer Deposit Form" and provide a deposit equal to 25% of their requested Purchasing Limit (the maximum amount they plan to spend) plus the Buyer's Premium (see above for applicable Buyer's Premium) and must be made by Interac e-transfers or Direct Bank Wire Transfer1.
To ensure approval as a Bidder, please contact us to make arrangements as far in advance of the sale as possible. The deposit must be received no later than 1 business day prior to the commencement of the sale2. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.


  1. Please keep in mind that bank charges may apply to incoming and/or outgoing wire transfers by your/our bank/financial institution.
  2. To meet the Terms and Conditions of Sale, please keep in mind that wire transfers traditionally take between 2 - 4 business days to be processed by your bank. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

Invoices for the balance of the purchase price will be emailed and/or faxed to successful bidders within 24 hours of the close of the auction and are due upon receipt.

Payment in full must be made before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction.
For International (Non-Canadian and Non-U.S. Residents) Buyers all payments and deposits shall ONLY be made by wire transfer.
For Canadian and U.S. Buyers, all payments can be made by wire transfer, certified cheque, bank draft, Interac Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Interac e-transfers, or company cheque accompanied with a valid bank letter of authorization guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Corporate Assets Inc. in the following format: "Name of Bank hereby guarantees irrevocable payment of cheques payable to Corporate Assets Inc. up to Amount in Words & Currency for purchases made by our client Name of Client. This letter is valid for purchases made at the auction of Name of Auction being held in City, State/Province on Date."



  • Payment by way of Visa, Mastercard will ONLY be accepted for purchases, and not for deposits, from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $2,500.
  • Payment by way of Interac e-Transfers will ONLY be accepted for purchases from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $25,000.
  • Payments may be made in advance of the auction by way of wire transfer and any balance in excess of the balance owing will be refunded after the auction.



The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if a deposit is not received at or before the time of sale.

Removal Details

Applicable for all Purchasers, their employees, riggers, machinery movers, contractors, and agents who participate in the disconnection and/or removal of items purchased at auction.


Purchasers are responsible for removing all articles purchased unless an Exclusive Rigger* has been designated for the sale. “CI” on the purchaser’s invoice designates that a proper certificate of insurance is required before any item marked “CI” can be mechanically removed. Furthermore, properly authorized rigger release instructions, in writing, are required by Corporate Assets Inc.’s office before a Purchaser/Mover/Rigger can commence removal of these items. These forms can be downloaded below.





*For sales with Exclusive Riggers, removal fees will apply. Please refer to the posted Lot Catalogue for pricing. Fees do not include container loading, blocking/bracing, specialty packaging, shipping, or other services. Trucking and transport services may be available through a third-party supplier. More details below. The Buyer's Premium does not apply to posted rigging fees.

Shipping Services

For small items where a pallet isn't required or items are already in packages/boxes, Corporate Assets Inc. can arrange shipping via UPS or FedEx or using a buyer’s business account. The cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact to arrange.

* For shipping large items, trucking and transport services are available through Fuze Logistics Inc.
Fuze Logistics Services Inc.
Mr. Chris Tan

US Inbound Customs Brokers

*Cross border logistics, including fees and customs clearance, are available through third-party brokers.
Montgomery International Brokers
Bill Clune or Melanie Koerber
716.875.5100 EXT 105
Omega Customs Brokers Inc
Ralph Ronderos
305.592.5656 EXT 1005 or