Cutler Machine Co. Ltd.

Owner Retiring – Complete Facility Closure



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Start Time

12:00 AM EDT


Monday, June 13 from 9 AM to 5 PM and morning of auction to start of auction.


Small items: Wednesday, June 15 by 5 PM
Remaining items: Tuesday, June 28 by 5 PM




LARGE OFFERING OF HEAVY CAPACITY FABRICATING EQUIPMENT FEATURING: CINCINNATI 20’ plate shear with 1 ½” maximum capacity, rear hydraulic load/feed/gaging system; CHICAGO 600 ton x 31’ hydraulic press brake; CINCINNATI 400 ton x 14’ 8” hydraulic press brake; PACIFIC 400 ton x 10’ hydraulic press brake; LARGE ASSORTMENT OF press brake dies & accessories; ALLIS CHALMERS 40 ton capacity outdoor forklift; LARGE OFFERING OF threading machines, angle rolls, plate rolls, plate bevellers, benders, hydraulic jack systems, sheet & plate lifting units, ironworkers with punch tooling, box & pan brakes, forklifts, DEMAG bridge cranes, welding equipment, lifting accessories, general machining & fabricating equipment, steel racking, office furniture & MUCH MORE!


  • CINCINNATI 10TL20 20’X1.25” capacity. hydraulic shear with ball transfer rollers, front operated power back gauge, adjustable rake angle, 16’ squaring arm, (4) 3’ support arms, foot pedal control, s/n: 39570
  • CINCINNATI 20’ hydraulic sheet stacker with 12 station chain drive sheet conveyor, s/n: 40216
  • MFG. UNKNOWN 10’X1.25” hydraulic shear, s/n: n/a
  • BROWN BOGGS 7125 10’X 1.25” mechanical power shear with 8’ squaring arm, 2’ support arm, s/n: 9113
  • BROWN BOGGS 349C 14 GA.X 48” mechanical foot shear, s/n: 10127


  • CHICAGO DREIS & KRUMP 600-F-20 hydraulic press brake with 31’ X 600 ton capacity, 246” distance between uprights, 24” open height, tonnage control, limit switch stroke control, foot pedal and palm control, s/n: H1234
  • CINCINNATI 400H hydraulic press brake with 14’ x 400 ton capacity, 17.5” open height, front support arms, limit switch stroke control, foot pedal control, s/n: 31303
  • PACIFIC 400-10/8 hydraulic press brake with 400 ton capacity, 100” distance between uprights, 20” open height, manual back gauge, limit switch stroke control, foot pedal and palm control, s/n: n/a
  • DREIS & KRUMP 188 96” power leaf brake, s/n: 85616
  • ROPER WHITNEY 1014A hand brake with 10’X14 GA. capacity, s/n: 1261-01-87
  • DREIS & KRUMP W38 finger brake with 10’X14 GA. capacity, s/n: 579696
  • SFM 80” finger brake, s/n: n/a


  • NIAGARA power bending rolls with 3” dia. X 48” rolls, s/n: n/a
  • BROWN BOGGS power bending rolls with 3” dia. X 36” rolls, s/n: n/a
  • BROWN BOGGS manual edge forming hand rolls
  • WILLIAMS & WHITE hydraulic pipe bender with 25 ton capacity, s/n: C3247
  • WALLACE heavy duty horizontal initial pinch pipe roller s/n: n/a
  • MFG. UNKNOWN horizontal pipe bender, s/n: n/a
  • PEDDINGHAUS 210/25 mechanical iron worker with 1 3/8” dia. X 1” punch capacity.; 6”X 1.25” shear capacity.; 7”X7”X5/8” angle capacity.; 2 9/16” dia. solid capacity, s/n: FG114
  • PULLMAX MODEL X8 plate beveler with 5” cutter, s/n: 57178
  • GULLCO BCM-12 Plate beveller S/N: 85691


  • MILLER BIG40 generator welder with 4 cylinder engine, s/n: 70-554387
  • MILLER CP-300 MIG welder with MILLERMATIC WC1 wire feed, cables and gun, s/n: JF921476
  • LINCOLN MIG PAK 15 portable MIG welder with cables and gun, s/n: U1030617595
  • HOBART TR-250HF TIG welder with COOLIT I chiller unit, foot control, cables and gun, s/n: 85WSO7760
  • HOBART RC-200 MIG welder with HOBART wire feed, cables and gun, s/n: 85WS07529
  • MILLER SCP-200 ARC welder power supply, s/n: N266241
  • AIRCO ARC welder, s/n: HE770012
  • HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 190C portable plasma cutter with cables and gun, s/n: 190-01302
  • GULLCO 150 electrode stabilizing oven, s/n: GOV23405


  • FIRST ram type vertical mill with 9”X42” table, 60-4500 variable RPM, ACCU-RITE 2 axis DRO, s/n: 74025626
  • MFG. UNKNOWN sliding head drill press with 26”X21” table, s/n: n/a
  • OSTER 784 power threader with 4” capacity, s/n: 784-RE-126
  • OSTER 792A power threader with 2” capacity, s/n: 792TP-SP
  • RIDGID 535 portable power threader, s/n: 325283
  • ROCKWELL DELTA combination disc and belt sander with 12” dia. disc, 6” wide vertical belt, s/n: 31-710
  • FORD-SMITH 7.5 HP double end buffer, s/n: n/a
  • ALBRIGHT 6A 3” spool sander s/n: 113-30
  • OSTER 20A abrasive cut off saw with 20” dia. disc s/n: YM-68
  • MFG. UNKNOWN 25 ton h-frame hydraulic shop press s/n: n/a
  • MOD-U-BLAST shot blast cabinet s/n: n/a
  • VERTICUT 115-4 roll-in vertical band saw with 10” throat, 9” max. work height s/n: 445
  • GREENERD NO. 4 floor type heavy duty arbor press
  • BEVERLY B2 hand shear
  • EAGLE 6X14 hand feed surface grinder with 6”X14” magnetic chuck, s/n: 2877
  • EAGLE 6X12 hand feed surface grinder with 6”X12” magnetic chuck, s/n: 3249
  • SIOUX VTFA valve grinder with 8” dia. wheel, s/n: 5749


  • ALLIS-CHALMERS FH820 82,000 lb. capacity. DIESEL forklift with 2 stage mast, 240” max. lift, 8’ forks, CUMMINS NH-250 diesel engine, twin disc 6-5-151-4-1 automatic transmission, fully enclosed cab, dually, GOODYEAR 18.00-25 semi-pneumatic tires, s/n: FH820/00558
  • TAYLOR Y20WO 16,800 lb. capacity DIESEL forklift with 2 stage mast, 240” max. lift, 8’ forks, up to 8’ between forks, s/n: 11261
  • ALLIS-CHALMERS ACC100CIPS 10,000 lb. capacity. LPG forklift with 2 stage mast, 168” max. lift, side shift, 84” forks, solid tires, s/n: AFF-17146
  • YALE approx. 4000 lb. capacity. LPG forklift with 3 stage mast, 176” max. lift, solid tires, s/n: n/a
  • YALE 3500 lb. capacity. LPG forklift with 2 stage mast, 154” max. lift, solid tires, s/n: n/a
  • GROVE 7.5 ton capacity all terrain crane with DETROIT DIESEL engine, 4WD, 4 wheel steering, single section hydraulic boom with 40' reach, new tires, s/n n/a
  • CUTLER (2012) tandem axle flat bed trailer with 256"x102" steel/wood deck, aluminum loading ramps, VIN 329081894
  • CUTLER 259”X96” tandem axle flatbed trailer with 72” between wheel wells, VIN n/a
  • AVENGER (1999) 6'x10' enclosed box trailer with oversize 3' side door, rear barn doors, ramp, VIN 4T6FB1016XM009734
  • RANSOMES BOB-CAT heavy duty commercial grade riding lawn mower tractor with DIESEL engine, s/n n/a
  • EDEL 665 sailboat with 21.83’ LOA, 8.21’ beam, 3.25’ draft, mast and cradle HIN: ZEC609151280


  • PLENCON 12’ X 3300 lb. capacity. vacuum lift with 8 lifting pads, s/n:  M1059-01
  • ACCO VAC-U-LIFT 7600-16-45-2B16-N30 8400 lb. capacity. vacuum lift with 8 lifting pads, s/n: A1466
  • ACCO VAC-U-LIFT 2400 lb. capacity. vacuum lift with 6 lifting pads, s/n: 11-1831-1
  • ACCO VAC-U-LIFT 3200-14-3-4-6-B8N30-115 1800 lb. capacity. vacuum lift with 6 lifting pads, s/n: 84-8176
  • ACCO VAC-U-LIFT 3200-6-0-3B8N30 900 lb. capacity. vacuum lift with 3 lifting pads, s/n: A3659
  • RICHARDS WILCOX 5 ton capacity. sheet lifter adjustable to 80” max. length, s/n: n/a
  • BINKS 30 HP twin cylinder piston-type tank mounted air compressor, s/n: 33-1069
  • LEROI Q185DJ-E portable rotary screw air compressor with JOHN DEERE 4239D 4 cylinder diesel engine, s/n: n/a
  • CUTLER 259”X96” tandem axle flatbed trailer with 72” between wheel wells s/n n/a
  • WEAVER 250 KVA dry-type transformer s/n: 20301
  • DEMAG 7.5 ton over head crane 41' 5" span


A large selection of UNIPUNCH "C"-frame punches; MASSIVE offering of press brake dies and 4-way dies; (10+) floor and bench type drill presses; double end pedestal and bench grinders; 108”X96” 3 ton capacity. hydraulic scissor lift table; 10 HP hydraulic power pack; large selection of ENERPAC hydraulic jacks up to 50 ton capacity.; large quantities of lifting supplies including LIFTING CHAINS, SPREADERS, SHEET CLAMPS, CHAIN HOISTS, WIRE SLINGS; selection of cantilever racking; material racking; steel saw horses; large selection of hand tools, power and pneumatic tools; steel storage container approx. 20’X8.5’; LARGE QUANTITY OF FERROUS AND NON FERROUS RAW MARTERIAL consisting of STEEL PLATE, ALUMINUM BAR and FLAT stock, round, bar, square and tubing; surplus metal and MUCH MORE!


Terms & Conditions

Corporate Assets Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions on this Web site. Corporate Assets Inc. expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction as it may deem appropriate. All subject to prior sale.


A Buyer's Premium of 16% for all onsite bidders and 18% for all Webcast (Remote) bidders will apply at this sale.
Pre-Approval by Corporate Assets Inc. will be required to participate in the sale. Potential Bidders must register and be approved (in person for Onsite auctions or online for Live Webcast auctions). Bidders may be asked to complete the "Buyer Deposit Form" and provide a deposit equal to 25% of their requested Purchasing Limit (the maximum amount they plan to spend) plus the Buyer's Premium (see above for applicable Buyer's Premium) and must be made by Interac e-transfers or Direct Bank Wire Transfer1.
To ensure approval as a Bidder, please contact us to make arrangements as far in advance of the sale as possible. The deposit must be received no later than 1 business day prior to the commencement of the sale2. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.


  1. Please keep in mind that bank charges may apply to incoming and/or outgoing wire transfers by your/our bank/financial institution.
  2. To meet the Terms and Conditions of Sale, please keep in mind that wire transfers traditionally take between 2 - 4 business days to be processed by your bank. For Bank Wire Transfer details, please contact our office at 416.962.9600 and request to speak with an Accounting Administrator.

Invoices for the balance of the purchase price will be emailed and/or faxed to successful bidders within 24 hours of the close of the auction and are due upon receipt.

Payment in full must be made before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction.
For International (Non-Canadian and Non-U.S. Residents) Buyers all payments and deposits shall ONLY be made by wire transfer.
For Canadian and U.S. Buyers, all payments can be made by wire transfer, certified cheque, bank draft, Interac Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Interac e-transfers, or company cheque accompanied with a valid bank letter of authorization guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Corporate Assets Inc. in the following format: "Name of Bank hereby guarantees irrevocable payment of cheques payable to Corporate Assets Inc. up to Amount in Words & Currency for purchases made by our client Name of Client. This letter is valid for purchases made at the auction of Name of Auction being held in City, State/Province on Date."



  • Payment by way of Visa, Mastercard will ONLY be accepted for purchases, and not for deposits, from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $2,500.
  • Payment by way of Interac e-Transfers will ONLY be accepted for purchases from buyers whose total invoice does not exceed $25,000.
  • Payments may be made in advance of the auction by way of wire transfer and any balance in excess of the balance owing will be refunded after the auction.



The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if a deposit is not received at or before the time of sale.

Removal Details

Applicable for all Purchasers, their employees, riggers, machinery movers, contractors, and agents who participate in the disconnection and/or removal of items purchased at auction.


Purchasers are responsible for removing all articles purchased unless an Exclusive Rigger* has been designated for the sale. “CI” on the purchaser’s invoice designates that a proper certificate of insurance is required before any item marked “CI” can be mechanically removed. Furthermore, properly authorized rigger release instructions, in writing, are required by Corporate Assets Inc.’s office before a Purchaser/Mover/Rigger can commence removal of these items. These forms can be downloaded below.





*For sales with Exclusive Riggers, removal fees will apply. Please refer to the posted Lot Catalogue for pricing. Fees do not include container loading, blocking/bracing, specialty packaging, shipping, or other services. Trucking and transport services may be available through a third-party supplier. More details below. The Buyer's Premium does not apply to posted rigging fees.

Shipping Services

For small items where a pallet isn't required or items are already in packages/boxes, Corporate Assets Inc. can arrange shipping via UPS or FedEx or using a buyer’s business account. The cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact to arrange.

* For shipping large items, trucking and transport services are available through Fuze Logistics Inc.
Fuze Logistics Services Inc.
Mr. Chris Tan

US Inbound Customs Brokers

*Cross border logistics, including fees and customs clearance, are available through third-party brokers.
Montgomery International Brokers
Bill Clune or Melanie Koerber
716.875.5100 EXT 105
Omega Customs Brokers Inc
Ralph Ronderos
305.592.5656 EXT 1005 or