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SKODA W160 Ram Type Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

$79,500 $SOLD

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Serial Number: OB21162
Spindle Diameter: 6.29"
Vertical Head Travel, Y-Axis: 98.42"
Column Travel, X-Axis: 196.85"
Spindle Travel, Z-Axis: 62.99"
Ram Travel, Z-2 Axis: 49.21"
Ram & Spindle Travel, Combined: 112.2"
Ram Cross Section: 17.71" x 17.71"
Spindle Speeds: 4-Ranges: 2-800 RPM
Spindle Taper: #50
Rapid Traverse: 126 IPM

SKODA Infeeding Rotary Table,
Serial No. OB 21363
Rotary Table Size: 78.74" x 78.74"
Rotary Table Infeed: 47.24"
Table Height: 35.04"
Table Capacity: 44,092 lbs
Longitudinal Travel, 3-Speeds: 0.136", 0.377", 1.09"
Rotation, 3-Speeds: 0.181", 0.492", 1.44"
Full Pendant Controls
Digital Readouts
Universal Angle Head
Power Draw Bar
78" x 78" SKODA E-20 Infeeding Rotary Table
Way Covers on X Axes
Chip Conveyor
Work Light
50 HP Spindle Drive 440/3/60

Floor Plates Not Included

Category: Horizontal Boring Mills
Sub-Category: Manual Floor Type
YEAR: 1975
LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
REF#: 22406

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