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FARREL 72" x 376" Two Wheel Swing Rest Roll Grinder

$89,500 $SOLD

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Serial Number: 85A1105
Front Mounted Hard Wheel Grinding Head
Rear Mounted Hard Wheel Grinding Head
Back Mounted Belt Type Grinding Head
Maximum Roll Diameter On Center Line: 55"
Maximum Roll Dia Above Center Line: 72"
Roll Nominal Face Length: 352"
Grinding Wheel Traverse Length: 376"
Grinding Wheel Maximum Size: 20" x 3"
Grinding Wheel Motor: 15 HP
Headstock Motor: 25 HP
Normal Grind: 400 / 1600 RPM
Slow Speed With Blower: 25 / 400 RPM
Roll Speed, Normal: 6/24 RPM
Roll Speed, Slow: .375 / 6 RPM
Traverse Motor: 5 HP
Carriage Speed: 2-60 IPM
Tilt Infeed Motor: .5 HP
Wheel Infeed: .0001 / .010 IPM
One Turn of Tilt Infeed Handwheel: .017 Wheel Infeed
Total Range of Tilt Infeed: .415 Wheel Infeed
One Turn of Manual Infeed Handwheel: .083 Wheel Infeed
Electronic Crowning w/ Updated Electronics
Stone Grinding on Front and Rear
Variable Crown Roll Drive Unit
Belt Grinding Attachment
(2) Neck Rest and Neck Rest Gibs
Coolant System
Full Set of Manuals
Farrel Two Wheel, Swing Rest Roll Grinder Perfect For Paper Machine Rolls,
Used In Paper Mill For Grinding of Cotton Rolls.

Category: Grinders
MODEL: 55/72x352 TWRG
YEAR: 1985
REF#: 18551

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