To accommodate and service our clients’ needs to sell surplus equipment on an individual item basis clients can consign their assets into one or several of our many sales.

Our approach to selling single surplus items is no different than our approach to selling an entire plant – detailed attention.

Your equipment can be consigned to an upcoming On Site auction sale. This way your equipment is marketed along side similarly classed assets to take advantage of economies of scale for attracting buyers and the benefits from the excitement that goes along with the event.

Your equipment can be consigned into an upcoming Online auction. You don’t have to move your equipment to an on site facility and incur the costs associated with it.

Both methods ensure world wide attention through our global marketing efforts.

Should you have any surplus equipment to consign, please feel free to contact us in confidence for a free consultation either by phone, fax or email.

For a copy of a downloadable General Consignment form, click on the ‘Forms’ link.

Consign your assets with Corporate Assets Inc. and put our experience to work for you.