We will appraise one machine or your complete plant.

Our appraisal team is comprised of professional certified and accredited experts who evaluate hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets annually.

Corporate Assets Valuations is able to provide appraisal services anywhere in the world for all types of industrial manufacturing and processing equipment.

We are a member of every leading industrial auction & appraisal association, and are governed by industry-accepted standards.

Our daily position as buyers and sellers in the industrial market place provides us with up to date knowledge, experience and trends regarding value and marketability.

This ability allows us to consistently provide our clients with accurate, credible values that they can rely on to make sound business decisions.

The industrial marketplace and financial community rely upon and trust in a Corporate Assets Valuations certified appraisal.

For Internal, Banking, Financing or Insurance purposes:

  • Going Concern Value
  • Fair Market Value
  • Liquidation Value

Contact us in complete confidence regarding providing an appraisal.

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